Bolognese Stuffed Courgettes 

Dry Janu-wary. OOPS.  On Saturday my dry January (of a week) ended rather abruptly when all my willpower vanished in a puff of air. We had some lovely friends round for dinner (and an immense Cards Against Humanity session!) and I reached for the red wine a little too abruptly, consuming almost the entire thing… Read More Bolognese Stuffed Courgettes 

Ski Sunday

Warning, this post contains very little Slimming World foodstuffs! I have been consciously “off-plan” (read: eating and drinking bad, delicious food to excess) since the heady, early days of December, with all the twinkly lights and multiple renditions of cheesy Christmas songs.  The consequential impact on my slimming has been fairly dire, yet not catastrophic.… Read More Ski Sunday

Merry Twixmas (almost time to get Back on Plan)!

Bloody love Christmas. No feeling is comparable to Christmas.  From mid December, every day feels like the last day of term, when the only items on the syllabus are watching videos and colouring in dot-to-dot Rudolphs.  All other rules go straight out the window and it is acceptable to do things that, for the other 351 days of… Read More Merry Twixmas (almost time to get Back on Plan)!