I Wanna Quit The Gym!

This year I have decided to stop paying for the privilege of getting up at the crack of dawn to get sweaty with a host of city workers and blow dry my hair in-sync with half a dozen scantily clad women. Millions of people’s ultimate dream I’m sure! Although in recent weeks (read: months) the… Read More I Wanna Quit The Gym!

Merry Twixmas (almost time to get Back on Plan)!

Bloody love Christmas. No feeling is comparable to Christmas.  From mid December, every day feels like the last day of term, when the only items on the syllabus are watching videos and colouring in dot-to-dot Rudolphs.  All other rules go straight out the window and it is acceptable to do things that, for the other 351 days of… Read More Merry Twixmas (almost time to get Back on Plan)!