Greek Lamb Salad

Greek lamb salad, 7 July 2014
Adapted from “Quick Recipe Collection by Sainsbury’s”

I’ve created this for tomorrow’s lunch, so it will now need to be crammed into a lunchbox, upsettingly!

Less than 10 minutes required for this tasty dish.

Serves 2.

Dried oregano
2 lamb rump steaks (cheat – buy pre-diced!)
Little gem lettuce hearts
Plum or cherry tomatoes
Small red onion
Pitted, sliced black olives
Feta cubes

Spray a pan with Frylight, cook the lamb until tender, add a few teaspoons of oregano while the lamb is cooking.

While the lamb is cooking, chop up the tomatoes and slice the red onion.  Arrange the gem lettuce leaves in a star shape on the plate, adding the tomatoes, onion, and olives.

Add the lamb to the center of the star once cooked, and top with the feta cubes.  Season to taste, adding a little more oregano and 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar.

Deliciously fresh salad with no effort (and minimal washing up!)



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