Raspberry Beret (Mousse)

Raspberry Beret (Mousse)
As I’ve already mentioned on my Instagram, this dessert is meant to be made with cream.  As an avid Slimming World follower, I made it with fat free yoghurt, and surprisingly it was edible! It lacked the fluffiness of real mousse, so if you aren’t watching the syns go for double cream all the way!

Serves 2.

Ingredients (SW v calorifically tasty!)
100g raspberries
1 tsp sweetener v 1 tsp sugar
1 pack gelatine
200ml fat free yoghurt v double cream (you could use Elmlea low fat cream)

Leaving some raspberries aside for decoration, blend the raspberries and sugar / sweetener (I recommend using a Hinari Genie blender). Soak the gelatine in cold water, heat a little cream / yoghurt and stir into the gelatine until it dissolves.  If using cream, whisk the remainder until it forms soft peaks.  I blended the yoghurt for a while, but pretty sure this made no difference whatsoever.

Stir the gelatine mixture into the raspberry puree, then fold into the cream or mix into the yoghurt. Spoon in to glasses, chill for at least an hour, then garnish with the leftover raspberries and mint.

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